Master Blasters Paintball Park
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Start off the Day in Barter Town!
Make yourself comfortable at any of our picnic tables! All tables are covered to keep you out of the elements between games and our monster fire pit stays lit all winter long to keep warm and ready to go!
Then Hop over to Blake-o's Hyperball field
Next up, Get your Hands on some of that Black Gold by taking over Blasters Oil Depot!!!!
Think your sneaky do ya!/!/ Get up close and personal in Jokers Jungle! !CAUTION! IF YOU GOT SISSY LALA RUNNING THRU VIENS YOU MIGHT WANNA SIT THIS ONE OUT!!!
Wanna be a gunslinger do ya? Come test your skills with the boys of Northwest Karnage on the new air field! Look for practice times and walk on days on our events page!