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Blakes Lightning Bootcamp
​Blakes Bootcamps!
    Blakes Advanced Bootcamp
This Bootcamp is for the players gearing up for the first time! We will start out covering the most important aspect of the game Safety!  Mask safety, marker safety and protecting yourself while out on the field. Next we will go over marker function and shooting form followed by some practice shots! Lastly we will hit the field to go over some basic strategy and teamwork skills!
At Master Blasters Paintball Park we've been watching all levels of players for almost 30 years now and with newer players it goes the same way about 90% of the time with the first game starting off with a lot of shooting from the back bunkers minimal movement and about zero communication. With that being said about 90% of the time by the last couple of games most player have improved greatly in all of the areas which makes for more exciting and enjoyable games! So if your new to the game or been out a few times but still feel you could benefit from a little instruction add Blakes Bootcamp to your package and get the most out of your paintball experience! Bootcamp will take place the first half hour of your time slot and will be instructed by Master Blasters Field Manager Blake G. Blake started playing paintball at 7 years old and has 25 years experience playing and supervising paintball games so theres no one better to show you around the field!
​ This Bootcamp is for players who have been out a few times but feel they could improve their game further! Here we will jump straight onto the field and go over pre game strategies, communication throughout the game, shooting and movement techniques, then we will look at different situations from both sides such as being out numbered or finishing off a team and other situations that regularly pop up throughout paintball games!